The Future of the

Lender & Title Relationship

Is a "Redefined Closing Experience"

Increased Profitability with Integrated Automation

Cottrell's closing processes operate on the title industry's most dynamic, fully automated closing software offering Lenders the industry's most streamlined efficient closing experience.

Lender Partners using the Encompass Platform Loan Origination System can initiate Title Orders with a simple click, instantly transferring the file data to Cottrell while receiving Title fees.



100% E-Closing Experience w

Remote Online Notarization

Close Faster & Efficiently. The days of delayed loan closings have evaporated with Cottrell's direct closing software integration with Loan documents can be executed and notarized 

24 / 7 with the Borrower never having to leave their home or office. Yes, even if the U.S. Borrower is out of the Country. No more long trips to the Embassy.

Say Goodbye to Overnight Packages & Signing Errors. Executed documents are returned directly within Cottrell's closing software for immediate review, authorization to fund and recording.

Compliance & Security

As a CPA 3rd Party Certified ALTA Best Practice Compliant company Cottrell Title & Escrow offers Lenders and their Borrowers secure encrypted access to all file information and documents.

Cottrell's Network Infrastructure is cloud hosted with SOC2 compliant Premier Data Services.

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