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Remote Notarization 

So long are the days of scrambling to find a notary, or inviting a stranger into your home to notarize a deed or mortgage.


George Trepanier is the first Southwest Florida resident to complete a real estate transaction completely online.


He was able to video chat with a notary, sitting in a different office in a different state helping to complete the process.


​"You’re actually witnessing a seller execute a deed with a notary and through a webcam, through notarize.com is the platform. And that will actually transfer the real estate," said James Schlimmer, Managing Partner of Cottrell Title and Escrow.

Naples company, Cottrell Title, and Escrow has been prepping for this technology for years.

"Especially in Southwest Florida this is a huge game changer because a lot of folks live everywhere else except here and they own property in Southwest Florida," said Schlimmer.

Whether you live in another state or another county, you don't have to worry about scrambling to find a notary in person.

"We might even argue that it is even more secure because there are no written documents to lose," said Realtor Jill Kushner, "It's done on an absolutely secure site."

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